FREEBIE: Raccoon Clip Art

I’m working on a set of raccoon clip art, or maybe it will be part of a set of forest animals … I’m not sure just yet. But in the meantime, here’s a sweet little raccoon clip art freebie for you.


Raccoon Clip Art Freebie

We’ve got a lot of raccoons living around our house so I’m often entertained with their antics.

I thought it would be fun share some cool raccoon facts:

1. Raccoons can make over 51 different sounds! They scream, whistle, purr, growl and even whinny.
2. They’re very smart. On the mammal IQ test they score higher than cats but just below monkeys. They can even memorize lock combinations!
3. Watch out Usain Bolt! Raccoons can run 15 miles an hour.
4. They have extremely nimble hands. They can untie shoelaces, unlatch cages and pick up objects as thin as a dime.
5. A female raccoon gives birth once a year to one to seven babies.
6. Their scientific name means “washer dog” even though they’re more closely related to bears.


PS: You can use the clip art in small commercial products (such as Teachers Pay Teachers) but PLEASE give me credit if you do.

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