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New Clip Art: Dancing Owls

Hi Everyone!

I FINALLY finished my grandson’s owl quilt. I bought the pattern over a year ago and meant to have it finished this summer. But I’m the queen of procrastination when it comes to sewing. Which is weird, because I LOVE to sew.

Here’s a not-so-fabulous picture of it (it’s very hard to take a good quilt picture in your kitchen on a darkish winter day whilst standing on top of a chair!).

In case you don’t know ~ and why would you? ~ my grandson’s name is Olin Winter Leyne.

Did you notice his initials?

As you can imagine he has a lot of owls in his life:).  This one’s going to hang in his bedroom.


So in honour of finally finishing little OWL’s quilt I thought it would be fun to make some clipart owls. And yes, I know, they’re EVERYWHERE these days. But what can I say? Obviously I love them.



If you click the image, you’ll be whisked away to my TpT shop where you can buy them for $3.

Although, if you’re quick, I’m going to have a flash freebie in just a bit 🙂


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