You Need to be Mobile Friendly!

Last week (April 21 to be exact) Google made a BIG change.

In order to be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, you need to make sure your blog is responsive.


Because Google knows that 60% of users are accessing the internet with their cellphones (source) so Google wants their experience to be a happy one 🙂

If your blog isn’t responsive then you won’t be easily found in searches! Preference will be given to mobile-friendly sites.


You know how sometimes you look at a blog on your phone and it’s really tiny and you have to zoom in and out and scroll around to read the darn thing? That’s a site that is NOT mobile friendly.

You want your website or blog to be user friendly for everyone. If it’s responsive then it will automatically change appearance and size to best fit the device it’s being viewed on.

See how my site looks a bit different depending on how it’s viewed? But no matter which device is being used, it still looks good and is easy to read.



Here’s where you can go for a fast ‘n easy Mobile Friendly Test.  I’ll wait here while you check.

Did you pass the test?

Awesome! You don’t have a thing to worry about.

But what if you didn’t?


WordPress users will need to switch to a responsive theme. I’m using Generate Press and I love it! It was made right here on Vancouver Island (don’t you love home grown?) and the basic theme is free. If you want to add some extra features, like I have, it’s very reasonably priced.

OR you could ask your designer / web developer to adjust your site for you.

Blogger users, you’re in luck. It’s much easier to make your site responsive.

All you need to do is:

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click template


  • Click the little gear icon under “mobile”


  • Click “yes” and you’re good to go!

Hope this was helpful!

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